hot swapping是什么意思 hot swapping的读音、翻译、用法

hot swapping是什么意思 hot swapping的读音、翻译、用法

'hot swapping'是英语词汇,可以翻译为“热插拔”,是指在计算机或电子设备运行时更换设备而无需关闭电源或重启设备的技术。

以下是9个含有'hot swapping'的英语例句和中文翻译:

1. Hot-swapping hard drives is a convenient method of expanding storage capacity without shutting down the system. 热插拔硬盘是不关机扩展存储容量的方便方法。

2. The switch supports hot-swapping of 10/100 Mbit Ethernet ports. 交换机支持10/100 Mbit以太网端口的热插拔。

3. Hot-swapping batteries can keep your smartphone or laptop running continuously without interruption. 热插拔电池可以使你的智能手机或笔记本电脑连续运行而无需中断。

4. The server room is equipped with hot-swappable power supplies to ensure uninterrupted power supply. 服务器房配备了热插拔电源,确保不间断供电。

5. The hot-swapping feature of this keyboard allows you to replace individual keys without having to buy a whole new keyboard. 这个键盘的热插拔功能允许你更换单个键,而无需购买全新的键盘。

6. The RAID system supports hot-swapping of failed drives to ensure data reliability. RAID系统支持热插拔故障的硬盘,以确保数据的可靠性。

7. The network switch can be configured for non-stop forwarding and hot-swapping of power supplies. 网络交换机可配置为不间断转发和热插拔电源。

8. The hot-swapping feature of this USB hub allows you to connect and disconnect devices without having to unplug the hub. 这个USB集线器的热插拔功能使你可以在不拔出集线器的情况下连接和断开设备。

9. The hot-swapping capability of this RAID controller allows you to replace a failed disk while the system is still running. 这个RAID控制器的热插拔功能允许你在系统仍在运行时更换故障的磁盘。

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