Dog tag是什么意思 Dog tag的读音、翻译、用法

Dog tag是什么意思 Dog tag的读音、翻译、用法

'Dog tag'是英语词汇,意思是“犬牌”,常常用来指代或等人佩戴的身份标识牌。


以下是几个含有‘dog tag’的例句:

1. I always make sure to wear my dog tag when I go on military missions.(我总是确保在军事任务时佩戴犬牌。)

2. The police officer's dog tag helped us identify him after the accident.(的犬牌帮助我们在事故后确认他的身份。)

3. Military personnel are required to wear their dog tags at all times while on duty.(在执勤期间必须始终佩戴犬牌。)

4. If you find a lost dog with a tag, you can easily contact the owner.(如果你找到一只带犬牌的丢失狗,你可以轻松联系到主人。)

5. My dad gave me his old dog tag from when he served in the army.(我爸爸把他在服役时佩戴的旧犬牌给了我。)

6. The dog tag helped the medical team quickly identify the soldier's blood type.(犬牌帮助医疗团队迅速识别出士兵的血型。)

7. After the earthquake, search and rescue teams used dog tags to identify victims.(地震后,搜救团队使用犬牌确认受害者身份。)

8. My dog's tag has his name and my phone number on it in case he gets lost.(我的狗狗的牌子上有他的名字和我的电话号码,以防他走失。)

9. The dog tag was the only thing the soldier had on him when he was captured.(那名士兵被抓获时只有犬牌在身。)

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