panicaceae是什么意思 panicaceae的读音、翻译、用法

panicaceae是什么意思 panicaceae的读音、翻译、用法



1. Panicaceae 科植物在于大约 5000 年前开始被积极种植和利用。

(英文:Plants of the Panicaceae family have been actively cultivated and utilized for around 5,000 years.)

2. 胡桃珍珠属于 Panicaceae 科的植物,在中国南方一带广泛分布。

(英文:Juglandifolia, a plant belonging to the Panicaceae family, is widely distributed in southern China.)

3. 有些植物科,如 Poaceae 和 Panicaceae,非常适合作为草坪植物。

(英文:Some plant families, such as Poaceae and Panicaceae, make excellent choices for lawn plants.)

4. 雉麻是 Panicaceae 科的草本植物,叶子细长,花小而黄色。

(英文:The Chenopodium is a herbaceous plant of the Panicaceae family, with slender leaves and small yellow flowers.)

5. 鸭跖草属于 Panicaceae 科,常常被用来治疗风湿和痛风等相关疾病。

(英文:Centella asiatica, a member of the Panicaceae family, is often used to treat rheumatism and gout.)

6. Panicaceae 科植物的嫩叶可以被用来做沙拉,味道清爽宜人。

(英文:The tender leaves of plants in the Panicaceae family can be used to make salads, with a refreshing and pleasant taste.)

7. 家庭菜园中种植 Panicaceae 科的植物可以为家人提供新鲜且健康的食材。

(英文:Growing plants from the Panicaceae family in a home garden can provide fresh and healthy ingredients for the family.)

8. 对于 Panicaceae 科植物的生态学和生物学研究,我们仍有很多需要探究的。

(英文:There is still much to be explored regarding the ecology and biology of plants from the Panicaceae family.)

9. Panicaceae 科植物在医学和保健领域中有着广泛的应用和研究。

(英文:Plants from the Panicaceae family have wide applications and research in the fields of medicine and healthcare.)

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