cresol是什么意思 cresol的读音、翻译、用法

cresol是什么意思 cresol的读音、翻译、用法

1. 'Cresol'是英语单词,可中文翻译为“甲基酚”。

2. 甲基酚是一种有机化合物,常用于制造溶剂、杀菌剂和香料等。

3. 下面是9个含有'cresol'的例句:

- The product contains cresol, which is a potent disinfectant. (这款产品含有甲基酚,是一种强效消毒剂。)

- Cresol is often used as a solvent in industrial applications. (甲基酚在工业应用中常用作溶剂。)

- The liquid has a pungent odor due to its high cresol content. (由于含有高浓度的甲基酚,这种液体有刺鼻的气味。)

- Cresol derivatives are widely used in the production of plastics. (甲基酚衍生物在塑料生产中被广泛使用。)

- The chemical spill was found to contain high levels of cresol. (化学泄漏中发现含有高浓度的甲基酚。)

- Cresol is a common component in many industrial cleaning products. (甲基酚是许多工业清洁产品中常见的成分。)

- The laboratory uses cresol as a reagent in several experiments. (实验室在几个实验中使用甲基酚作为试剂。)

- Cresol is a key ingredient in the production of certain types of resins. (甲基酚是生产某些树脂的关键成分。)

- The workers were required to wear protective gear due to the potential dangers of working with cresol. (由于与甲基酚作业的潜在危险,工人们被要求穿戴防护装备。)

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