Sleeper是什么意思 Sleeper的读音、翻译、用法

Sleeper是什么意思 Sleeper的读音、翻译、用法



1. The spy was a sleeper agent who had been living in the country for years, waiting for the right moment to carry out his mission.(这个间谍是一个潜伏特工,已经在这个国家生活多年,等待适当的时机执行他的任务。)

2. The disease often lies dormant in the body, acting like a sleeper cell until it suddenly flares up.(这种疾病经常在身体中处于休眠状态,像一个沉睡细胞一样,直到突然发作。)

3. The sleeper sofa in the living room was perfect for when guests came to visit.(客厅里的沙发床非常适合客人来访的时候使用。)

4. The garden was a sleeper hit with visitors, who were surprised by its beauty and tranquility.(这个花园是一个意外的大热门,参观者对它的美丽和宁静感到惊讶。)

5. The company's sleeper stock suddenly rose in value after news of a major acquisition was announced.(公司的沉睡股票在收购大新闻公布后突然升值。)

6. The quarterback was a sleeper pick in the draft, but he ended up leading his team to the championship.(这位四分卫在选秀中是一个潜力股,但最终他带领他的球队赢得了冠军。)

7. The politician was accused of being a sleeper agent for a foreign government.(这位家被指控为外国的潜伏特工。)

8. The sleeper hit movie became a surprise box office success, earning millions of dollars in ticket sales.(这部意外的热门电影成为了一个惊喜票房成功,赚取了数百万美元的票房收入。)

9. The team's new player was a sleeper talent who quickly proved himself to be a valuable et to the team.(这支球队的新球员是一位潜力球员,很快证明自己是球队的宝贵资产。)

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