Theridiosomatidae是什么意思 Theridiosomatidae的读音、翻译、用法

Theridiosomatidae是什么意思 Theridiosomatidae的读音、翻译、用法



1. The Theridiosomatidae spiders are known for their unique webs and hunting strategies.


2. The diversity of Theridiosomatidae species is still being studied by researchers.


3. The Theridiosomatidae spiders use their sticky silk to capture their prey.


4. Some Theridiosomatidae spiders have been known to form communal webs where they live and hunt together.


5. The Theridiosomatidae family includes some of the smallest spiders in the world.


6. Theridiosomatidae spiders are often found in gardens and forests.


7. Researchers are still discovering new species of Theridiosomatidae spiders in various parts of the world.


8. The Theridiosomatidae spiders are not dangerous to humans, but their bites can cause mild irritation.


9. The silk produced by Theridiosomatidae spiders is highly valued for its strength and elasticity.


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