istiophoridae是什么意思 istiophoridae的读音、翻译、用法

istiophoridae是什么意思 istiophoridae的读音、翻译、用法



1. The istiophoridae family includes some of the fastest and most sought-after game fish.(帆立鱼科家族包括一些最快和最受追捧的游戏鱼。)

2. The istiophoridae family is known for its long, pointed bill and strong, muscular body.(帆立鱼科以其长而尖的嘴和强健有力的身体而闻名。)

3. The istiophoridae family includes several species of marlins and sailfish.(帆立鱼科包括几种马林鱼和帆鱼。)

4. The istiophoridae family is highly prized by sport fishermen for their speed and strength.(帆立鱼科因其速度和力量而深受运动钓鱼者的青睐。)

5. The blue marlin belongs to the istiophoridae family and can reach lengths of up to 14 feet.(蓝色马林属于帆立鱼科,可达到14英尺的长度。)

6. The istiophoridae family is found in warm and temperate waters around the world.(帆立鱼科分布在世界各地的温暖和温带水域。)

7. Some species of the istiophoridae family are known to migrate long distances to feed and s.(一些帆立鱼科物种被知道长途迁徙以寻找食物和繁殖。)

8. The istiophoridae family uses their bill to stun and catch their prey.(帆立鱼科利用其嘴巴使猎物昏迷并捕捉。)

9. The istiophoridae family is important to the marine ecosystem and is a valuable resource for commercial and recreational fishing.(帆立鱼科对海洋生态系统非常重要,是商业和娱乐钓鱼的宝贵资源。)

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