pareidolia是什么意思 pareidolia的读音、翻译、用法

pareidolia是什么意思 pareidolia的读音、翻译、用法



1. I kept seeing faces in the clouds, but it was just pareidolia.(我一直在云朵中看到面孔,但其实只是错觉。)

2. Pareidolia can make us see patterns where there are none.(形象错配会让我们在没有任何图案的情况下看到图案。)

3. Many people believe paranormal activity is just pareidolia at work.(很多人认为超自然现象只是形象错配的表现。)

4. Some artists intentionally use pareidolia in their work to create hidden images.(一些艺术家刻意在作品中使用形象错配来创造隐藏的图像。)

5. Pareidolia can be a useful tool in psychology for identifying mental disorders.(形象错配可以成为心理学中识别精神障碍的有用工具。)

6. The human brain is wired to recognize faces, which can lead to pareidolia in everyday objects.(人类大脑被编程成识别面孔,这会导致常见物品中的形象错配。)

7. Pareidolia is often associated with religious or spiritual experiences.(形象错配常与或精神体验相关。)

8. Some people believe that pareidolia is evidence of extraterrestrial life.(一些人认为形象错配是外星生命的证据。)

9. Pareidolia is a common phenomenon in art history and has been used in various art forms.(形象错配是艺术史上常见的现象,并已在各种艺术形式中被使用。)

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