Gyrator是什么意思 Gyrator的读音、翻译、用法

Gyrator是什么意思 Gyrator的读音、翻译、用法


1. A gyrator is used to simulate the behavior of an inductor in a circuit. (旋转器用于模拟电路中电感的行为。)

2. The gyrator can be used to cancel the inductive effects of a load connected to an amplifier. (旋转器可用于抵消连接到放大器的负载的电感效应。)

3. A gyrator circuit can be used to create a negative resistance. (旋转器电路可用于创建负电阻。)

4. The gyrator is a useful tool for designing filters in audio applications. (旋转器对于音频应用中滤波器的设计是一个有用的工具。)

5. A gyrator can be designed using an operational amplifier and a few passive components. (可以使用运放和几个被动元件来设计旋转器。)

6. The gyrator is commonly used in active filter circuits. (旋转器通常用于主动滤波器电路中。)

7. A gyrator can be used to convert a low-pass filter into a high-pass filter. (旋转器可用于将低通滤波器转换为高通滤波器。)

8. The gyrator can also be used in oscillator circuits to generate a sine wave. (旋转器也可用于振荡器电路中,以产生正弦波。)

9. The gyrator is a versatile component that is essential for many electronic circuits. (旋转器是一种多功能的组件,对于许多电子电路是必不可少的。)

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