Orthotomicus是什么意思 Orthotomicus的读音、翻译、用法

Orthotomicus是什么意思 Orthotomicus的读音、翻译、用法



1. Orthotomicus erosus是一种严重的森林害虫,可以导致大量树木死亡。(英语)

Translation: Orthotomicus erosus is a serious forest pest that can cause a large number of trees to die.

2. 直锥天牛属中的一些物种可能会对森林生态系统造成严重。(中文)

Translation: Some species in the Orthotomicus genus may cause serious damage to forest ecosystems.

3. Orthotomicus dendroctonus在北美洲广泛分布,并对许多树种造成了严重的杀伤力。(英语)

Translation: Orthotomicus dendroctonus is widely distributed in North America and causes serious damage to many tree species.

4. 直锥天牛的成虫体形小,呈黑色或棕色,繁殖速度快。(中文)

Translation: The s of Orthotomicus are small in size, black or brown in color, and reproduce quickly.

5. 据估计,直锥天牛在美国每年造成的损失高达数千万美元。(中文)

Translation: It is estimated that Orthotomicus causes losses of tens of millions of dollars annually in the United States.

6. Orthotomicus mediterraneus是一种仅在地中海地区发现的直锥天牛。(英语)

Translation: Orthotomicus mediterraneus is a species of Orthotomicus found only in the Mediterranean region.

7. 直锥天牛的寿命较短,仅有几个星期的时间食用树皮。(中文)

Translation: Orthotomicus has a relatively short lifespan and feeds on tree bark for only a few weeks.

8. Orthotomicus laricis是一种沙漠地带广泛分布的直锥天牛。(英语)

Translation: Orthotomicus laricis is a species of Orthotomicus widely distributed in desert areas.

9. 直锥天牛寄生在树干和树枝上,它的幼虫以树皮为食,对树木造成了极大的危害。(中文)

Translation: Orthotomicus parasitizes on tree trunks and branches, and its larvae feed on tree bark, causing great harm to trees.

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