Darfur是什么意思 Darfur的读音、翻译、用法

Darfur是什么意思 Darfur的读音、翻译、用法


1. The conflict in Darfur has caused thousands of civilians to flee their homes.(在达尔富尔的冲突导致成千上万的平民逃离家园。)

2. The international community has called for peace in Darfur.(国际社会呼吁达尔富尔实现和平。)

3. Many aid organizations are providing istance to people in Darfur.(许多援助组织正在为达尔富尔的人们提供帮助。)

4. The United Nations has sent peacekeeping forces to Darfur.(已经向达尔富尔派遣了维和。)

5. The crisis in Darfur has been ongoing for over a decade.(达尔富尔的危机已经持续了十多年。)

6. The government's response to the conflict in Darfur has been criticized by many.(对达尔富尔冲突的回应受到了许多人的批评。)

7. The violence in Darfur has resulted in a humanitarian crisis.(达尔富尔的暴力事件导致了人道主义危机。)

8. The refugees in Darfur are in desperate need of food and shelter.(达尔富尔的难民迫切需要食物和住所。)

9. Many activists and celebrities have spoken out about the situation in Darfur.(许多活动家和名人已经对达尔富尔的情况发声。)

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