Ferdinand Verbiest是什么意思 Ferdinand Verbiest的读音、翻译、用法

Ferdinand Verbiest是什么意思 Ferdinand Verbiest的读音、翻译、用法

Ferdinand Verbiest是荷兰语,可以翻译为费尔迪南德·弗尔比斯特。他是一位17世纪的比利时会传教士、天文学家和数学家。


1. Ferdinand Verbiest was born in Pittem, Belgium in 1623.(费尔迪南德·弗尔比斯特于xx年出生在比利时的皮滕。)

2. Verbiest went to China in 1659 as a missionary.(弗尔比斯特于xx年作为一名传教士前往中国。)

3. He served as the mathematician and astronomer to the Kangxi Emperor.(他担任了康熙皇帝的数学家和天文学家。)

4. Verbiest was the first European to visit the Forbidden City.(弗尔比斯特是第一个进入紫禁城的欧洲人。)

5. He constructed a water clock for the emperor that was accurate to within one second.(他为皇帝制作了一个精度在一秒以内的水钟。)

6. Verbiest's astronomical observations helped to correct errors in the Chinese calendar.(弗尔比斯特的天文观测帮助修正了中国历法中的错误。)

7. He also wrote a book on astronomy in Chinese, which was widely read at the time.(他还用中文写了一本关于天文学的书,当时广受欢迎。)

8. Verbiest's work laid the foundation for later Western scientific exchange with China.(弗尔比斯特的工作为后来的西方与中国的科学交流奠定了基础。)

9. Today, Ferdinand Verbiest is remembered as a pioneering figure in the history of Western relations with China.(今天,费尔迪南德·弗尔比斯特被视为西方与中国关系历史上的开拓者。)

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