drone是什么意思 drone的读音、翻译、用法

drone是什么意思 drone的读音、翻译、用法



1. The army is using drones to conduct reconnaissance missions. (正在使用无人机进行侦察任务。)

2. The drone flew over the city, capturing stunning aerial footage. (无人机飞越城市,拍摄出惊人的航拍画面。)

3. The farmer uses a drone to survey his crops and identify areas that need attention. (农民使用无人机勘察作物,找出需要注意的区域。)

4. The police department is considering using drones for crowd monitoring during large events. (局正考虑在大型活动期间使用无人机进行人群监测。)

5. Drones have revolutionized the way we collect data in remote areas. (无人机革新了我们在偏远地区收集数据的方式。)

6. Drone deliveries are becoming more common in areas. (无人机配送在城市地区越来越普遍。)

7. The environmental agency is using drones to monitor pollution levels in the river. (环保机构正在使用无人机监测河流的污染水平。)

8. The construction company uses drones to inspect and map out construction sites. (建筑公司使用无人机检查和绘制施工现场。)

9. The search and rescue team deployed drones to search for survivors after the earthquake. (搜救队派出无人机在地震后搜索幸存者。)

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