Access point是什么意思 Access point的读音、翻译、用法

Access point是什么意思 Access point的读音、翻译、用法

'Access point'是英语中的词语,可以翻译为“接入点”,指的是无线网络中的设备,它能够为无线设备提供连接和访问Wi-Fi网络的地方,是连接无线设备和无线网络之间的桥梁。

以下是9个含有'access point'的例句:

1. You can connect your phone to the Wi-Fi access point in the coffee shop.(你可以将手机连接到咖啡店的Wi-Fi接入点上。)

2. The access point is password protected, so only authorized users can connect to it.(这个接入点是有密码保护的,因此只有授权用户才能连接上它。)

3. The router has an access point function that allows multiple devices to connect to the same network.(路由器具有接入点功能,使多个设备可以连接到同一网络上。)

4. I had trouble finding the access point for the hotel's Wi-Fi network.(我找不到酒店Wi-Fi网络的接入点。)

5. The access point requires a strong signal to provide reliable connectivity.(接入点需要强信号才能提供可靠的连接性。)

6. The building has multiple access points to ensure good coverage throughout.(建筑物有多个接入点,以确保全面覆盖。)

7. The access point is located on the ceiling to ensure maximum signal range.(接入点位于天花板上,以确保最大信号范围。)

8. You can set up an access point in your home to create a wireless network.(你可以在家里设置一个接入点,创建一个无线网络。)

9. The access point can be configured to allow guest access with limited privileges.(接入点可以配置为允许访客使用有限的特权来访问。)

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