renovo是什么意思 renovo的读音、翻译、用法

renovo是什么意思 renovo的读音、翻译、用法



1. We need to renovate our office to make it more comfortable for our employees. (我们需要重新装修办公室,使其更加舒适适合我们的员工。)

2. The company is planning to renovate their product line to keep up with the competition. (公司计划更新他们的产品线,以跟上竞争的步伐。)

3. The school is renovating its curriculum to better prepare students for the future. (学校正在更新课程,以更好地为学生的未来做好准备。)

4. The city is renovating this park to create a more inviting space for families. (市正在重新规划这个公园,以创建更加宜人的家庭休闲空间。)

5. The museum is renovating its exhibition hall to showcase a new collection. (博物馆正在重新装修展厅,以展示新的收藏品。)

6. She decided to renovate her wardrobe by getting rid of old clothes and buying new ones. (她决定清理旧衣服并购买新的来更新她的衣橱。)

7. The hotel is renovating its guest rooms to provide a better experience for its customers. (酒店正在更新客房,以为客户提供更好的入住体验。)

8. The restaurant is renovating its menu to include more vegetarian options. (餐厅正在更新菜单,以包括更多的素食选项。)

9. The government is renovating the infrastructure of this neighborhood to improve its residents' quality of life. (正在重新更新这个社区的基础设施,以改善居民的生活质量。)

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