Taking Lives是什么意思 Taking Lives的读音、翻译、用法

Taking Lives是什么意思 Taking Lives的读音、翻译、用法

'Taking Lives' 是英语词语,翻译为“夺取生命”。这个词语通常用来描述某个人或组织在暴力或犯罪行为中夺取了他人的生命。在电影、小说等娱乐作品中也常常出现。

以下是含有'Taking Lives' 的9个例句:

1. The serial killer was arrested for taking lives of at least 10 innocent people. (连环杀手因夺取至少10个无辜人的生命而被逮捕。)

2. The detective was assigned to investigate the case of a gang taking lives in the city. (侦探被指派调查一伙在城市夺取生命的案件。)

3. Taking lives is a crime that deserves severe punishment. (夺取生命是一种罪行,应该受到严厉的惩罚。)

4. The news of a mass shooting and taking of lives shocked the entire nation. (一次大规模枪击事件和夺取生命的消息震惊了整个国家。)

5. Some people argue that taking lives of animals for food is natural, while others disagree. (有人认为夺取动物的生命以供食用是自然的,而另一些人则持不同意见。)

6. The memoir of a survivor of taking lives of civilians during a war was a best-seller. (一位战争幸存者撰写的关于夺取平民生命的回忆录成为了畅销书。)

7. The death penalty is the ultimate punishment for taking lives intentionally. (死刑是对于有意夺取生命者的最终惩罚。)

8. The horror movie is about a ghost taking lives of everyone who enters a haunted house. (这部恐怖电影是关于一个鬼魂夺取进入鬼屋的每一个人的生命。)

9. The motive behind the suspect's taking lives of his family members is still unclear. (犯罪嫌疑人夺取他家庭成员生命的动机仍然不明确。)

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