kenaf是什么意思 kenaf的读音、翻译、用法

kenaf是什么意思 kenaf的读音、翻译、用法


1. 'kenaf'是来自马来西亚的词语。

2. 'kenaf'可以翻译为“黄麻”,是一种多年生的植物,属于锦葵科,可用于制造纸张、纺织品、食品、医药等。

3. 以下是9个含有'kenaf'的例句:

- Kenaf fiber can be used as a substitute for wood in paper.(黄麻纤维可以用来替代木材制造纸张。)

- The kenaf plant is easy to grow and requires minimal water and pesticides.(黄麻植物易于生长,需要少量的水和农药。)

- Kenaf fabric is soft and breathable, it popular for clothing.(黄麻面料柔软透气,很受欢迎的服装材料。)

- The leaves of kenaf are used in traditional medicine to treat fever and inflammation.(黄麻的叶子被用于传统医学治疗发热和炎症。)

- Kenaf seeds can be pressed to produce oil for cooking and cosmetics.(黄麻可以压榨出用于烹饪和化妆品的油。)

- Kenaf paper is eco-friendly and biodegradable.(黄麻纸张环保可降解。)

- Kenaf fibers are being studied for their potential use in bioplastics.(黄麻纤维正在研究其在制造生物塑料方面的途。)

- Kenaf can grow up to 3 meters tall and produces large, heart-shaped leaves.(黄麻可以长到3米高,生长大型的心形叶子。)

- The kenaf industry is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia due to increased demand for sustainable materials.(由于对可持续材料的需求增加,黄麻产业在东南亚快速发展。)

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