Crate是什么意思 Crate的读音、翻译、用法

Crate是什么意思 Crate的读音、翻译、用法




1. He picked up a crate of apples from the market.(他从市场上买了一个苹果箱子。)

2. The beer was stored in wooden crates.(啤酒用木箱存储。)

3. She put the bottles in a plastic crate.(她把瓶子放在一个塑料箱子里。)

4. He carried the crate of books up the stairs.(他抬着一箱书上楼。)

5. The fishermen stacked the fish crates on the pier.(渔民把鱼箱堆放在码头上。)

6. They used a crate to transport the fragile glware.(他们用箱子运输易碎的玻璃器皿。)

7. The storekeeper unpacked the crates of new merchandise.(店主打开了新货的箱子。)

8. The circus performers used crates as props in their act.(马戏团演员在他们的表演中使用箱子作道具。)

9. The delivery driver had to load the crate onto the truck by himself.(送货司机必须独自把箱子装上卡车。)

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