finesse是什么意思 finesse的读音、翻译、用法

finesse是什么意思 finesse的读音、翻译、用法



1. He handled the situation with finesse. (他巧妙地处理了这种局面。)

2. She played the piano with great finesse. (她钢琴演奏技巧高超。)

3. The chef used finesse in plating the dish. (这位厨师巧妙地摆盘了这道菜。)

4. He approached the problem with finesse and found a solution. (他用技巧处理问题并找到了解决方案。)

5. The artist painted with finesse and attention to detail. (这位艺术家画技精湛,注重细节。)

6. The dancer performed with finesse and grace. (这位舞者演出时优雅流畅。)

7. The negotiator used finesse to reach a compromise. (谈判代表用技巧达成了妥协。)

8. The writer's finesse with words was evident in her prose. (这位作家运用词汇的技巧表现在她的散文中。)

9. The athlete used finesse to win the game. (这位运动员运用了技巧赢得了比赛。)

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