cane是什么意思 cane的读音、翻译、用法

cane是什么意思 cane的读音、翻译、用法



1. walking cane:行走手杖

2. sugar cane:甘蔗

3. cane furniture:藤条家具


1. He walked with a cane because of his injured leg.(他因为受伤而用手杖行走。)

2. The farmer harvested a lot of sugar cane this year.(这位农民今年收获了很多甘蔗。)

3. She decorated her patio with beautiful cane furniture.(她用漂亮的藤条家具装饰了自己的露台。)

4. The naughty boy was punished by his teacher with a cane.(那个调皮的男孩被老师用藤条惩罚了。)

5. The old man's cane slipped on the wet pavement.(老人的手杖在湿滑的人行道上滑了一下。)

6. I prefer to use a cane instead of crutches.(我宁愿用手杖而不是拐杖。)

7. The workers cut down the tall sugar cane with machetes.(工人们用砍刀砍下高高的甘蔗。)

8. The young artist made an exquisite sculpture out of cane.(这位年轻的艺术家用藤条做了一件精美的雕塑。)

9. The gentleman offered his cane to the lady so she could cross the puddle without getting her ss wet.(这位绅士把手杖递给女士,好让她不弄湿鞋子过小水坑。)

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