tater是什么意思 tater的读音、翻译、用法

tater是什么意思 tater的读音、翻译、用法



1. I made mashed 'taters for dinner tonight. (今晚晚餐我做了土豆泥。)

2. Do you want fries with that? Crispy 'taters are my favorite. (你要来点炸薯条吗?香脆土豆是我最喜欢的。)

3. I love roasted 'taters with garlic and rosemary. (我喜欢用大蒜和迷迭香烤土豆。)

4. She ordered a loaded 'tater with all the toppings. (她点了装满配料的土豆。)

5. He always adds a dollop of sour cream on his 'taters. (他总是在土豆上加一小勺酸奶油。)

6. The shepherd's pie was topped with a layer of mashed 'taters. (牧羊人馅饼上面铺了一层土豆泥。)

7. I prefer sweet 'taters over regular potatoes. (我更喜欢红薯而不是普通土豆。)

8. The hash browns are made from shredded 'taters. (这道薯饼是用切碎的土豆制作的。)

9. I like to make potato skins by scooping out the center of a baked 'tater. (我喜欢通过挖出烤土豆的中心来制作土豆皮。)

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