mobilisation是什么意思 mobilisation的读音、翻译、用法

mobilisation是什么意思 mobilisation的读音、翻译、用法




1. The government has ordered the mobilisation of additional troops to the border.(已下令向边境调集额外的。)

2. The organization is planning a mobilisation campaign to raise awareness about climate change. (该组织计划开展一项动员运动,以提高人们对气候变化的认识。)

3. The mobilisation of resources has been key to the success of the relief effort.(资源调动是救援工作成功的关键。)

4. The doctor recommended mobilisation exercises to help the patient regain use of their injured limb.(医生建议通过动员运动帮助病人恢复受伤的肢体的使用。)

5. The union is calling for the mobilisation of workers to protest against proposed job cuts.(工会呼吁动员工人计划中的裁员。)

6. The mobilisation of volunteers has been crucial in providing aid to those affected by the natural disaster.(志愿者的动员在为受灾人员提供援助方面至关重要。)

7. The military leaders are overseeing the mobilisation of troops and equipment for the upcoming mission.(军方领导正在监督即将到来的任务的和装备的动员。)

8. The mobilisation of civic groups has played an important role in promoting democracy and human rights.(公民团体的动员在推动和方面起着重要作用。)

9. The mobilisation of technology and innovation has transformed the way we work and live.(技术和创新的动员已经改变了我们工作和生活的方式。)

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