lifter是什么意思 lifter的读音、翻译、用法

lifter是什么意思 lifter的读音、翻译、用法

'lifter' 是英文单词,可以翻译成“举重运动员”、“升降机”、“起重机”等含义。在美国俚语中也可以表示“窃贼”。


1. I saw a lifter at the gym lifting heavy weights. (我在健身房看到一个举重运动员在举重。)

2. The lifter can carry up to 2000 pounds. (这个升降机最多能承载2000磅。)

3. The construction workers used the lifter to move heavy materials. (建筑工人使用起重机搬运重物。)

4. The store had a thief problem and they suspected it was a lifter. (这家商店有问题,他们怀疑是窃贼干的。)

5. The lifter slowly lifted the car off of the ground. (起重机慢慢将车抬起来。)

6. The lifter had to be repaired because it was strange noises. (这个升降机必须大修,因为它发出奇怪的噪音。)

7. The lifter operator needed a license to operate the machine. (起重机操作员需要持证上岗。)

8. The lifter was used to transport heavy cargo containers at the port. (起重机用于在港口运输重型货柜。)

9. The lifter helped the workers to reach the top of the building. (升降机帮助工人到达楼房的顶部。)

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