sternal是什么意思 sternal的读音、翻译、用法

sternal是什么意思 sternal的读音、翻译、用法





1. The sternal bone is located in the middle of the chest.(胸骨位于胸部中央。)

2. Sternal pain can be caused by a variety of factors.(胸骨疼痛可能由多种因素引起。)

3. The sternal angle is an important landmark in anatomy.(胸骨角是解剖学中的重要标志。)

4. The sternal region can be quite sensitive in some individuals.(某些人的胸部区域可能相当敏感。)

5. Sternal fractures can be very painful and require careful treatment.(胸骨骨折可能非常痛苦,需要仔细治疗。)

6. The sternal head of the pectoralis major muscle is responsible for certain movements of the arm.(胸大肌的胸骨头负责某些手臂的运动。)

7. Sternal retractions can be a sign of respiratory distress.(胸骨内陷可能是呼吸窘迫的迹象。)

8. The sternal notch is a depression at the top of the sternum.(胸骨切迹是胸骨顶部的凹陷。)

9. Sternal wires may be used to close the chest after surgery.(手术后可以使用胸骨钢丝来关闭胸部。)

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