Jerry Yang是什么意思 Jerry Yang的读音、翻译、用法

Jerry Yang是什么意思 Jerry Yang的读音、翻译、用法

'Jerry Yang'是英语中的一个名字,中文翻译为“杨致远”。Jerry Yang是一位美籍华人企业家和慈善家,他是互联网公司雅虎的共同创始人之一。

以下是含有'Jerry Yang'的9个例句:

1. Jerry Yang is a successful entrepreneur who co-founded Yahoo! in 1995.(Jerry Yang是一位成功的企业家,他于xx年共同创立了雅虎)

2. After leaving Yahoo!, Jerry Yang has been actively involved in charity work.(离开雅虎后,Jerry Yang一直积极参与慈善工作)

3. Jerry Yang is a role model for many young entrepreneurs.(Jerry Yang是许多年轻企业家的榜样)

4. In 2017, Jerry Yang donated $25 million to his alma mater, Stanford University.(xx年,Jerry Yang向母校斯坦福大学捐赠了2500万美元)

5. Forbes ranked Jerry Yang as one of the richest people in America.(福布斯将Jerry Yang列为美国最富有的人之一)

6. Jerry Yang has been honored for his contributions to the tech industry with various awards.(Jerry Yang因其对科技行业的贡献而获得了各种奖项)

7. Jerry Yang founded AME Cloud Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in tech startups.(Jerry Yang创立了AME Cloud Ventures,一家投资科技初创公司的风险投资公司)

8. Jerry Yang's story is an inspiration for many Asian-Americans who aspire to succeed in business.(Jerry Yang的故事是许多有志于在商界获得成功的亚裔美国人的启示)

9. In 2013, Jerry Yang stepped down from Yahoo's board of directors.(xx年,Jerry Yang辞去了雅虎董事会的职务)

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