Carduus acanthoides是什么意思 Carduus acanthoides的读音、翻译、用法

Carduus acanthoides是什么意思 Carduus acanthoides的读音、翻译、用法

'Carduus acanthoides'是拉丁语,中文可以翻译为“刺艾菊”。

'Carduus acanthoides'是一种常见的草本植物,生长在欧洲和亚洲的草原、林地和道路旁。它具有锯齿状的叶子和红紫色的花朵,有时被用作草药和食物。


1. 'Carduus acanthoides' grows abundantly in the fields near my house.('Carduus acanthoides'在我家附近的田野上大量生长。)

2. The medicinal properties of 'Carduus acanthoides' have not been fully explored yet.('Carduus acanthoides'的药用价值尚未完全探索。)

3. 'Carduus acanthoides' is sometimes used in salads and soups.(有时将'Carduus acanthoides'用于沙拉和汤中。)

4. The leaves of 'Carduus acanthoides' are quite prickly, so be careful when handling them.('Carduus acanthoides'的叶子很刺,处理时要小心。)

5. The nectar of the 'Carduus acanthoides' flowers is a favorite of bees.('Carduus acanthoides'花的花蜜是蜜蜂的最爱。)

6. Some people believe that 'Carduus acanthoides' can help relieve digestive problems.(有人认为'Carduus acanthoides'可以缓解消化问题。)

7. The roots of 'Carduus acanthoides' are sometimes used to create a natural dye.('Carduus acanthoides'的根有时用于制作天然染料。)

8. 'Carduus acanthoides' is often found growing alongside other wildflowers.('Carduus acanthoides'通常与其他野花一起生长。)

9. The spines on the stems of 'Carduus acanthoides' can be quite sharp, so wear gloves when pruning.('Carduus acanthoides'茎上的刺可以很尖锐,修剪时要戴手套。)

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