MASER是什么意思 MASER的读音、翻译、用法

MASER是什么意思 MASER的读音、翻译、用法



1. The maser is widely used in atomic clocks for precise timekeeping.(分子激射器广泛用于原子钟中的精准计时。)

2. The maser is an important tool for studying molecular structure and dynamics.(分子激射器是研究分子结构和动力学的重要工具。)

3. The maser helped scientists detect the cosmic microwave background radiation.(分子激射器帮助科学家发现了宇宙微波背景辐射。)

4. The maser is used in radar systems to detect the position and velocity of objects.(分子激射器用于雷达系统中探测物体的位置和速度。)

5. The maser was first invented in 1954 by an American physicist.(分子激射器最早于xx年由一位美国物理学家发明。)

6. The maser can be used in satellite communication to transmit information over long distances.(分子激射器可以用于卫星通信,实现长距离信息传输。)

7. The maser has been used to measure the speed of molecular motion.(分子激射器已经被用来测量分子运动的速度。)

8. The maser operates at very low temperatures and under high vacuum conditions.(分子激射器在非常低的温度和高真空条件下运作。)

9. The maser has revolutionized the field of spectroscopy and allowed for more accurate measurements of chemical reactions.(分子激射器彻底改变了光谱学领域,并允许更准确地测量化学反应。)

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