prolamine是什么意思 prolamine的读音、翻译、用法

prolamine是什么意思 prolamine的读音、翻译、用法



1. Corn is a rich source of prolamine, a type of protein that is essential for human growth and development.(玉米是谷蛋白的重要来源,这种蛋白质对人类的生长和发育至关重要。)

2. Wheat prolamine is responsible for the elasticity and strength of dough.(小麦谷蛋白对面团的弹性和强度有很大的影响。)

3. Barley prolamine is known for its ability to stabilize beer foam.(大麦谷蛋白因其稳定啤酒泡沫的能力而出名。)

4. Oat prolamine is often used as an ingredient in gluten-free products.(燕麦谷蛋白常用于无麸质产品。)

5. Prolamine-rich foods should be avoided by individuals with gluten intolerance.(谷蛋白含量高的食品应该避免食用,对麸质不耐受的人来说尤其如此。)

6. The prolamine content of wheat flour can be measured using a variety of ytical techniques.(使用各种分析技术可以测量小麦面粉中的谷蛋白含量。)

7. Some studies suggest that prolamine may have health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and promoting gut health.(一些研究表明,谷蛋白可能具有健康益处,如减少炎症和促进肠道健康。)

8. Prolamine is one of the main components of gluten, a protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye.(谷蛋白是面筋的主要成分之一,存在于小麦、大麦和黑麦中。)

9. Scientists are studying the properties of prolamine in order to develop new food products with improved texture and flavor.(科学家正在研究谷蛋白的性质,以开发具有改善质地和口味的新型食品产品。)

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