Derung是什么意思 Derung的读音、翻译、用法

Derung是什么意思 Derung的读音、翻译、用法



1. Derung族传统舞蹈中伴有悬鼓的节奏。

(Derung traditional dance incorporates the rhythm of the hanging drum.)

2. Derung族有着独特的服装和风俗。

(The Derung people have unique costumes and customs.)

3. Derung语属于藏缅语系,和藏语有一定的相似之处。

(Derung language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family and has similarities with Tibetan.)

4. Derung族以渔猎为主要生活方式。

(The Derung people mainly live on fishing and hunting.)

5. Derung族的传统信仰和文化受到了现代化的冲击。

(The traditional beliefs and culture of the Derung people have been impacted by modernization.)

6. 在Derung族的传统婚礼中,新娘要将自己裹在棉被里,象征着她要离开家庭生活在新的家庭中。

(In Derung traditional wedding, the bride is wrapped in a quilt to symbolize her departure from her family to live with her new family.)

7. Derung族的房屋建筑采用木质结构,具有防风保暖的特点。

(The houses of the Derung people are made of wood and have the features of windproof and warmth retention.)

8. Derung族是重视家庭的,家庭成员之间的关系非常紧密。

(The Derung people value family and have close relationships between family members.)

9. Derung族的节日有很多,其中最重要的是新年和丰收节,庆祝方式多样化。

(The Derung people have many festivals, the most important of which are the New Year and Harvest Festival, and the celebrations are diverse.)

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