identification是什么意思 identification的读音、翻译、用法

identification是什么意思 identification的读音、翻译、用法



1. Can I see your identification, please? (请出示您的明。)

2. This app requires identification before allowing access to your personal data. (该应用需要身份认证才能访问您的个人数据。)

3. The identification of the suspect has been confirmed by the witnesses. (证人已经确认了嫌疑人的身份。)

4. We need some form of identification to prove that you are over 18. (我们需要一些证明您年满xx岁的明。)

5. The identification of the plant species can be tricky without expertise. (如果没有专业知识,植物种类的识别可能会很麻烦。)

6. The pport serves as identification for international travel. (护照用于国际旅行的明。)

7. The identification of the source of the leak is important in order to prevent further damage. (为了防止进一步的损害,泄漏源头的确定非常重要。)

8. The security personnel asked for identification before allowing us to enter the building. (保安人员要求我们出示明后才允许我们进入建筑物。)

9. The identification of the cause of the accident will help to prevent similar incidents in the future. (事故原因的确定将有助于预防类似的事故发生。)

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