Henry Cavendish是什么意思 Henry Cavendish的读音、翻译、用法

Henry Cavendish是什么意思 Henry Cavendish的读音、翻译、用法

'Henry Cavendish'是英语。中文翻译为“亨利·卡文迪许”。亨利·卡文迪许(xx年xx月xx日-xx年xx月xx日)是一位英国科学家,他被认为是研究氢气和气体化学的先驱之一,在电学和重力学领域也做出了贡献。


1. Henry Cavendish was a British scientist who made important contributions to the study of gases.(亨利·卡文迪许是一位英国科学家,他对气体研究做出了重要贡献。)

2. The Cavendish laboratory at Cambridge University was named after Henry Cavendish.(剑桥大学的卡文迪许实验室是以亨利·卡文迪许的名字命名的。)

3. Henry Cavendish was known for his discovery of the composition of water.(亨利·卡文迪许因发现水的组成而闻名。)

4. The Cavendish experiment was conducted by Henry Cavendish to determine the density of the Earth.(卡文迪许实验是由亨利·卡文迪许进行的,以确定地球的密度。)

5. Henry Cavendish was a very private person and did not publish many of his findings.(亨利·卡文迪许是一位非常隐私的人,没有公开发表很多他的研究成果。)

6. The Royal Society awarded Henry Cavendish the Copley Medal for his work on the composition of air.(皇家学会因亨利·卡文迪许的空气组成研究授予他科普利奖章。)

7. Henry Cavendish's experiments with electric charge led to the discovery of Coulomb's Law.(亨利·卡文迪许关于电荷的实验导致了库仑定律的发现。)

8. The Henry Cavendish Prize for Physical Sciences is awarded yearly by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.(英国科学振兴协会每年颁发亨利·卡文迪许物理科学奖。)

9. Henry Cavendish's research on the nature of heat helped to establish the laws of thermodynamics.(亨利·卡文迪许对热的本质的研究有助于确立热力学定律。)

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