induration是什么意思 induration的读音、翻译、用法

induration是什么意思 induration的读音、翻译、用法



1. The area around the wound showed local erythema, swelling and induration.(创口周围出现局部红肿、硬结。)

2. The patient reported pain and induration in the breast lump.(患者报告肿块疼痛和硬结。)

3. The doctor used palpation to detect induration in the lymph nodes.(医生用触诊发现淋巴结有硬结。)

4. The induration of the skin was indicative of tuberculosis.(皮肤的硬结表明这可能是结核病。)

5. The nurse checked the injection site for any signs of redness or induration.(护士检查注射部位是否有红肿或硬结。)

6. The biopsy results confirmed the presence of induration in the tissue.(活检结果证实了该组织中的硬结存在。)

7. The dermatologist diagnosed the patient with indurated acne scars.(皮肤科医生诊断该患者患有硬化型疤痕。)

8. The radiologist detected induration in the lung tissue on the CT scan.(放射科医生在CT扫描中检测到肺组织有硬结。)

9. The biopsy showed induration in the muscle tissue, indicating a possible myopathy.(活检结果显示肌肉组织中有硬结,可能是一种肌肉病。)

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