Cyrene是什么意思 Cyrene的读音、翻译、用法

Cyrene是什么意思 Cyrene的读音、翻译、用法

1. 'Cyrene'是希腊的词语,中文翻译为“塞纳”。

2. 该词语指的是古希腊时期的一个城市,位于今天的利比亚境内。这个城市在公元前7世纪由希腊人建立,后来成为一个重要的文化和商业中心。

3. 例句:


Cyrene was a famous city in ancient Greece and is now an important archaeological site. (英语)


Cyrene is considered one of the most important cities in ancient Greece, and its culture and arts influenced the entire region. (英语)


Cyrene has a long history and has witnessed many important historical events. (英语)


The inhabitants of Cyrene were once great philosophers and scholars, and their ideas still influence people today. (英语)


Cyrene was a multicultural and multiethnic city, with inhabitants from Greece, Rome, and Africa, among other places. (英语)


Cyrene's art and architecture were unique, and its buildings and sculptures held an important place in the cultural and artistic fields. (英语)


Cyrene was an important commercial center between the 6th and 1st centuries BC, and its goods were exported throughout the Mediterranean region. (英语)


Cyrene's culture and history had a great influence on the entire Mediterranean region, and it was an important part of ancient Greek civilization. (英语)

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