Callinectes是什么意思 Callinectes的读音、翻译、用法

Callinectes是什么意思 Callinectes的读音、翻译、用法



1. Callinectes sapidus是美国大西洋和墨西哥湾地区最常见的螃蟹品种,也是著名的蓝蟹。

(Callinectes sapidus is the most common crab species found in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, and is also famous for its blue crab.)

2. 这些美丽的螃蟹是Callinectes sapidus,它们已成为美国南部地区的美食。

(These beautiful crabs are Callinectes sapidus and have become a delicacy in the southern United States.)

3. 专家们研究了Callinectes sapidus的生命周期和行为,以便更好地管理这个物种的数量。

(Experts have studied the life cycle and behavior of Callinectes sapidus to better manage populations of this species.)

4. Callinectes amnicola是一种常见的淡水螃蟹,分布于南美洲和中美洲的河流和湖泊中。

(Callinectes amnicola is a common freshwater crab found in rivers and lakes throughout South and Central America.)

5. Callinectes danae是一种热带螃蟹,分布于南美洲的大西洋沿岸。

(Callinectes danae is a tropical crab found along the Atlantic coast of South America.)

6. 这些Callinectes sapidus是从美国海岸运到中国来的,用于高档餐厅的海鲜菜肴。

(These Callinectes sapidus were shipped from the US coast to China for use in upscale restaurant seafood dishes.)

7. Callinectes bocourti是一种在墨西哥湾地区渔获的美味螃蟹。

(Callinectes bocourti is a delicious crab caught in the Gulf of Mexico region.)

8. Callinectes similis是一种与蓝蟹相似的螃蟹品种,分布于墨西哥湾和加勒比海水域。

(Callinectes similis is a crab species similar to blue crabs found in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.)

9. Callinectes bellicosus是一种在中美洲河流和湖泊中发现的螃蟹品种。

(Callinectes bellicosus is a crab species found in rivers and lakes throughout Central America.)

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