mineral是什么意思 mineral的读音、翻译、用法

mineral是什么意思 mineral的读音、翻译、用法


1. The mineral content of the soil affects the nutrients available to plants.(土壤的矿物质含量影响植物的营养素)

2. She collects rocks and minerals as a hobby.(她以收藏岩石和矿物为嗜好)

3. The mining company extracts precious minerals from the earth.(这家矿业公司从地球中提取珍贵矿物)

4. The water in this area is high in mineral content.(这个地区的水含有高浓度的矿物质)

5. The scientist analyzed the mineral composition of the sample.(科学家分析了样品的矿物成分)

6. The jewelry is made from natural minerals such as diamonds and sapphires.(珠宝是由天然矿物质如钻石和蓝宝石制成的)

7. Mineral deposits were discovered in the mountain range.(在这个山脉中发现了矿床)

8. The body requires a certain amount of minerals for proper functioning.(身体需要一定量的矿物质以保持正常运作)

9. The mineral water from this region is renowned for its health benefits.(这个地区的矿泉水以其保健功效而闻名)

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