EQP是什么意思 EQP的读音、翻译、用法

EQP是什么意思 EQP的读音、翻译、用法



1. Our company specializes in providing EQP for the construction industry.(我们公司专门为建筑行业提供设备。)

2. The hospital has recently invested in new medical EQP.(这家医院最近投资了新的医疗设备。)

3. The factory needs to upgrade its production EQP to increase efficiency.(工厂需要升级生产设备以提高效率。)

4. The airline has strict regulations on the EQP used on their planes.(这家航空公司对其飞机上使用的设备有严格规定。)

5. The athletes trained with the latest sports EQP.(运动员们使用了最新的体育设备进行训练。)

6. The EQP malfunction caused a delay in the production schedule.(设备故障导致生产计划延迟。)

7. The company is considering leasing rather than purchasing the EQP.(公司正在考虑租赁而不是购买设备。)

8. The technician is responsible for maintaining the EQP in good condition.(技术人员负责保持设备处于良好状态。)

9. The EQP supplier offers a warranty and after-sales service.(设备供应商提供保修和售后服务。)

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