Peter Benenson是什么意思 Peter Benenson的读音、翻译、用法

Peter Benenson是什么意思 Peter Benenson的读音、翻译、用法

'Peter Benenson'这个词语来自英语,是一个人名,他是组织(Amnesty International)的创始人之一。在英语中,Peter Benenson通常被简称为Peter或Benenson。

以下是9个含有'Peter Benenson'的英语例句:

1. Peter Benenson was a human rights activist who founded Amnesty International. (Peter Benenson是一名活动家,他创立了组织。)

2. The Peter Benenson Gallery showcases the work of some of the most exciting contemporary artists. (Peter Benenson画廊展示了一些最令人兴奋的当代艺术家的作品。)

3. The annual Peter Benenson Lecture on Human Rights is always well attended. (每年的Peter Benenson演讲会总是人满为患。)

4. The Peter Benenson Award for Human Rights Journalism recognizes outstanding reporting on human rights issues. (Peter Benenson新闻奖表彰了对问题进行杰出报道的人。)

5. Many people credit Peter Benenson with starting the modern human rights movement. (许多人认为是Peter Benenson开创了现代运动。)

6. The Peter Benenson Collection at the British Library is a valuable resource for researchers. (英国图书馆的Peter Benenson收藏是研究人员的一笔宝贵资源。)

7. Peter Benenson's legacy continues to inspire human rights activists around the world. (Peter Benenson的遗产继续激励着全球的活动家。)

8. The Peter Benenson Room at Amnesty International's headquarters is where many important decisions are made. (组织总部的Peter Benenson会议室是许多重要决策的场所。)

9. The Peter Benenson Memorial in London is a tribute to his life and work. (伦敦的Peter Benenson纪念碑是对他的生命和工作的致敬。)

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