alnico是什么意思 alnico的读音、翻译、用法

alnico是什么意思 alnico的读音、翻译、用法



1. This guitar pickup uses alnico magnets for a warm and rich tone.(这款吉他拾音器采用铝镍钴磁铁,发音温暖丰富。)

2. Alnico is a popular choice for electric motor applications due to its magnetic properties.(铝镍钴磁钢是电动机应用的一种流行选择,因为它的磁性能。)

3. The alnico magnet in this speaker provides excellent clarity and definition.(这个音箱中的铝镍钴磁铁提供了优秀的清晰度和定义度。)

4. Alnico alloys have been used in the manufacturing of compasses for decades.(铝镍钴合金被用于制造指南针数xx年。)

5. The alnico pickups on this guitar give it a classic rock tone.(这款吉他上的铝镍钴拾音器给它带来了经典的摇滚音色。)

6. Alnico magnets are commonly used in medical devices such as MRI machines.(铝镍钴磁铁常被用于医疗设备,例如MRI机器。)

7. The alnico magnet in this microphone provides natural and accurate sound reproduction.(这个麦克风中的铝镍钴磁铁提供了自然而准确的声音再现。)

8. Alnico is a durable and heat-resistant material, making it suitable for use in high-temperature environments.(铝镍钴是一种耐用和耐热的材料,适合在高温环境中使用。)

9. This speaker has an alnico magnet that delivers a vintage sound.(这个音箱有一个铝镍钴磁铁,带来了复古的声音。)

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