RoboCup是什么意思 RoboCup的读音、翻译、用法

RoboCup是什么意思 RoboCup的读音、翻译、用法



1. The RoboCup competition attracts engineering students from all over the world.(机器人世界杯比赛吸引了来自世界各地的工程学生)

2. The Chinese team won the RoboCup in the humanoid robot league.(中国队在人形机器人联赛中获得了机器人世界杯冠军)

3. The RoboCup federation organizes various robotic competitions and events throughout the year.(机器人世界杯联盟在全年组织各种机器人比赛和活动)

4. The RoboCup was first held in Japan in 1997.(机器人世界杯于xx年首次在日本举行)

5. The RoboCup has helped to advance robotics research and development.(机器人世界杯有助于推动机器人研究与发展)

6. The RoboCup is a great opportunity for students to showcase their engineering skills.(机器人世界杯是学生展示他们的工程技能的绝佳机会)

7. The RoboCup competition tests the robots' ability to work in a team and communicate effectively.(机器人世界杯比赛测试机器人在团队中工作和有效沟通的能力)

8. The RoboCup has inspired a new generation of robot enthusiasts.(机器人世界杯激发了一代新的机器人爱好者)

9. The RoboCup has become a major platform for realizing the potential of robotics in various fields.(机器人世界杯已成为实现机器人在各个领域潜力的重要平台)

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