yin是什么意思 yin的读音、翻译、用法

yin是什么意思 yin的读音、翻译、用法



1. 这个房间太阴了,我们需要打开一些灯。(The room is too dark, we need to turn on some lights.)

2. 这是一种阴性的药物,只能在医生的指导下使用。(This is a medication with negative effects and can only be used under the guidance of a doctor.)

3. 天气阴沉,我感到有点抑郁。(The weather is gloomy and I feel a little depressed.)

4. 我们需要在这个阴凉处休息一下。(We need to take a rest in this cool and shady place.)

5. 他说话的语气很阴森,让人感到害怕。(The tone of his speech is very eerie and makes people feel scared.)

6. 这幅画用了很多阴影,让画面更有层次感。(This painting uses a lot of shadows to make the picture more layered.)

7. 我们需要一些阴凉的食物来消暑。(We need some cool and refreshing food to beat the heat.)

8. 它喜欢在阴暗的地方待着,所以我把它放在了角落里。(It likes to stay in dark places, so I put it in the corner.)

9. 这个人的性格很阴险,要小心。(This person has a very sinister personality, be careful.)

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