Candida shehatae是什么意思 Candida shehatae的读音、翻译、用法

Candida shehatae是什么意思 Candida shehatae的读音、翻译、用法

' Candida shehatae'这个词语来自于英语,是一种真菌的名称。这种真菌是一种新近被发现的物种,于xx年首次从叙利亚的酒类发酵液中分离出来。它的名称是为了纪念埃及真菌学家Mona Shehata-Elkady而取的。

以下是9个含有'Candida shehatae'的例句:

1. The researchers discovered a new species of yeast called Candida shehatae.(研究人员发现了一种新的酵母菌物种,名为Candida shehatae。)

2. Candida shehatae is commonly found in fermented beverages like wine and beer.(Candida shehatae常见于葡萄酒和啤酒等发酵饮料中。)

3. The study found that Candida shehatae can help improve the flavor and aroma of fermented beverages.(研究发现Candida shehatae可以改善发酵饮料的口味和香气。)

4. Candida shehatae has the potential to be used in the biotechnology industry to produce biofuels and other valuable chemicals.(Candida shehatae有可能被用于生物技术产业中生产生物燃料和其他有价值的化学品。)

5. The genome of Candida shehatae was sequenced to better understand its genetic makeup.(为了更好地了解Candida shehatae的基因组构成,对其进行了测序。)

6. Candida shehatae was named after an Egyptian mycologist who made significant contributions to the study of fungi.(Candida shehatae以一位对真菌研究做出了重大贡献的埃及真菌学家的名字命名。)

7. Scientists are continuing to study Candida shehatae to explore its potential uses in industry and biotechnology.(科学家们正在继续研究Candida shehatae,探索其在工业和生物技术方面的途。)

8. Candida shehatae is a type of yeast that can ferment sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.(Candida shehatae是一种可以将糖发酵成酒精和二氧化碳的酵母菌。)

9. The discovery of Candida shehatae highlights the importance of studying microbial diversity and its potential benefits to society.(Candida shehatae的发现凸显了研究微生物多样性及其对社会的潜在益处的重要性。)

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