Lagenaria siceraria是什么意思 Lagenaria siceraria的读音、翻译、用法

Lagenaria siceraria是什么意思 Lagenaria siceraria的读音、翻译、用法

这个词语来自于拉丁语,意为“葫芦属植物”(gourd plant)。在中文中,通常被翻译成“葫芦藤”,是一种蔓生植物,它的果实是葫芦。

以下是9个含有“Lagenaria siceraria” 的例句:

1. The Lagenaria siceraria grows rapidly and produces large fruits.(Lagenaria siceraria 生长迅速,结果实大。)

2. The dried shells of Lagenaria siceraria are commonly used as containers or musical instruments.(干燥的 Lagenaria siceraria 壳通常用作容器或者乐器。)

3. The Lagenaria siceraria is also known as the calabash gourd.(Lagenaria siceraria 也被称为瓢瓢藤。)

4. The Lagenaria siceraria is a popular vegetable in many parts of the world.(Lagenaria siceraria 是世界许多地方的流行蔬菜。)

5. The Lagenaria siceraria has a long history of medicinal use in traditional Chinese medicine.(Lagenaria siceraria 在中国传统医学中有着悠久的药用历史。)

6. The Lagenaria siceraria can be found in a variety of colors and shapes.(Lagenaria siceraria 可以以多种颜色和形状出现。)

7. The Lagenaria siceraria is often used in decorative crafts due to its unique shape.(Lagenaria siceraria 因其独特的形状常被用于装饰工艺品中。)

8. Lagenaria siceraria is rich in dietary fiber and has a low calorie content.(Lagenaria siceraria 富含膳食纤维,热量低。)

9. The Lagenaria siceraria is an important crop for many rural communities.(Lagenaria siceraria 是许多农村社区的重要作物。)

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