epoxy是什么意思 epoxy的读音、翻译、用法

epoxy是什么意思 epoxy的读音、翻译、用法


1. I need to buy some epoxy to fix the broken vase.(我需要买些环氧树脂来修复那个破碎的花瓶。)

2. The epoxy coating on the floor makes it non-slip.(地板上的环氧涂层使其防滑。)

3. We need to mix the epoxy and hardener thoroughly before applying.(我们需要彻底混合环氧和固化剂后再涂抹。)

4. The new epoxy adhesive is more durable than the old one.(新的环氧胶比旧的更耐用。)

5. The epoxy resin is widely used in the aerospace industry.(环氧树脂广泛用于航空航天工业。)

6. The epoxy filler can be sanded and painted after it dries.(环氧填料在干燥后可以打磨和涂漆。)

7. We need to apply a second coat of epoxy to ensure full coverage.(我们需要涂第二层环氧以确保完全覆盖。)

8. The epoxy putty can be used to fill cracks and holes in concrete.(环氧膏可以用于填补混凝土中的裂缝和孔洞。)

9. The epoxy sealant is perfect for sealing leaks in pipes.(环氧密封剂是密封管道漏洞的完美选择。)

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