Coriaria是什么意思 Coriaria的读音、翻译、用法

Coriaria是什么意思 Coriaria的读音、翻译、用法



1. Coriaria属于鼠李科,主要分布在欧洲和亚洲。(英语:Coriaria belongs to the family of Rhamnaceae and is mainly distributed in Europe and Asia.)

2. 这种地区常见的植物有松树、杨树和Coriaria。(中文:The common plants in this area are pine trees, poplar trees, and Coriaria.)

3. Coriaria的果实外皮和种子都有毒性,不能食用。(英语:The skin and seeds of Coriaria's fruit are toxic and cannot be eaten.)

4. 这片森林内不仅有松树和橡树,还有一些Coriaria植株。(中文:In this forest, there are not only pine trees and oak trees, but also some Coriaria plants.)

5. Coriaria的毒性来自其中的化学成分,可以引起中毒的症状。(英语:The toxicity of Coriaria comes from its chemical composition, which can cause symptoms of poisoning.)

6. 这位农民在收割庄稼时误食了Coriaria,导致身体不适。(中文:This farmer accidentally ate Coriaria while harvesting crops, which caused discomfort in the body.)

7. 在这个地区,Coriaria被当作生物杀虫剂来使用。(英语:In this area, Coriaria is used as a biological insecticide.)

8. 我们可以通过从Coriaria中提取化学成分来开发新药。(中文:We can develop new drugs by extracting chemical components from Coriaria.)

9. Coriaria的果实有一种酸味,但非常刺激口腔,不适合食用。(英语:The fruit of Coriaria has a sour taste, but it is very irritating to the mouth and not suitable for consumption.)

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