kiang是什么意思 kiang的读音、翻译、用法

kiang是什么意思 kiang的读音、翻译、用法


1. The kiang is a type of wild ass that is native to the Tibetan plateau.(Kiang是一种野生驴,是藏区高原的原生动物。)

2. Kiangs live in some of the remotest areas of Asia, where few other animals can survive.(Kiangs生活在亚洲最偏远的地区之一,很少有其他动物能在那里生存。)

3. The kiang is also known as the Tibetan wild ass.(Kiang也被称为藏野驴。)

4. Kiangs are tough animals that can endure extreme temperatures and altitude.(Kiang是非常耐高温和高海拔的动物。)

5. Kiangs are herbivores and their diet mainly consists of gr and shrubs.(Kiang是食草动物,主要吃草和灌木。)

6. Kiangs have adapted to life in the harsh high-altitude environment of the Tibetan plateau.(Kiang已经适应了藏区高海拔的恶劣环境。)

7. The kiang is an important animal in Tibetan culture, and is featured in many traditional songs and stories.(Kiang在藏族文化中是重要的动物,出现在很多传统的歌曲和故事中。)

8. Kiangs are threatened by habitat loss and poaching.(Kiang受到栖息地丧失和盗猎的威胁。)

9. Conservation efforts are underway to protect the kiang and ensure its survival.(目前正在进行保护工作,以保护Kiang并确保它的生存。)

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