points是什么意思 points的读音、翻译、用法

points是什么意思 points的读音、翻译、用法



1. He scored 20 points in the basketball game. (他在篮球比赛中得了20分。)

2. The store gives loyalty points to its frequent customers. (这家商店给经常顾客积累忠诚度积分。)

3. I got five points out of ten on the quiz. (我在测验中得了十分之五的分数。)

4. The teacher marked the essay out of 50 points. (老师按50分划分打分的作文。)

5. The company's share price has risen by 10 points. (公司股价上涨了10点。)

6. The winning team was awarded three points in the league match. (胜利的队伍在联盟比赛中获得了3分。)

7. The driver was fined and received three penalty points on his license. (司机被罚款并在驾照上收到了三个扣分。)

8. The audience gave the performance high points for its creativity. (观众对这场表演的创意评分很高。)

9. The restaurant has a rating of four points out of five on the review website. (这家餐厅在评论网站上得到了五分中的四分评分。)

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