Scirtothrips dorsalis是什么意思 Scirtothrips dorsalis的读音、翻译、用法

Scirtothrips dorsalis是什么意思 Scirtothrips dorsalis的读音、翻译、用法

这个词语来源于拉丁语,在英文里被翻译成 "chilli thrips" 或 "yellow tea thrips"。它是一种昆虫,常见于热带和带地区,特别是在印度次、中国、东南亚和非洲。Scirtothrips dorsalis 是一种危害作物的害虫,喜欢攻击辣椒、茶叶和水果。以下是含有这个词语的9个例句:

1. ตัว Scirtothrips dorsalis เป็นแมลงศัตรูพืชที่สำคัญในการผลิตผลไม้ในเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ (Scirtothrips dorsalis is an important plant pest in fruit production in Southeast Asia).

2. Scirtothrips dorsalis 通常在早晨或傍晚出现,喜欢在植物的新生部位取食 (Scirtothrips dorsalis usually appears in the morning or evening and likes to feed on the new growth of plants).

3. 中国的某些茶叶产区常常受到 Scirtothrips dorsalis 的威胁,需要采取有效的防治措施 (Some tea-producing areas in China are often threatened by Scirtothrips dorsalis, requiring effective control measures).

4. Scirtothrips dorsalis 是导致辣椒叶片黄化、干枯和死亡的原因之一 (Scirtothrips dorsalis is one of the reasons for yellowing, withering and death of pepper leaves).

5. 在非洲的一些地区,Scirtothrips dorsalis 会侵害芒果、番茄和香蕉等作物 (In some parts of Africa, Scirtothrips dorsalis attacks crops such as mangoes, tomatoes, and bananas).

6. Scirtothrips dorsalis 可以通过人为传播扩散,特别是通过运输植物材料和土壤 (Scirtothrips dorsalis can spread through human transportation, especially through the transportation of plant materials and soil).

7. 如果 Scirtothrips dorsalis 对辣椒的侵害严重,会导致辣椒产量大幅下降 (If Scirtothrips dorsalis seriously attacks peppers, it will lead to a significant decrease in pepper yield).

8. 为了防止 Scirtothrips dorsalis 对茶叶产生影响,需要加强对茶树的管理和检测 (To prevent Scirtothrips dorsalis from affecting tea production, it is necessary to strengthen the management and detection of tea trees).

9. Scirtothrips dorsalis 可以在植物组织中生存和繁殖,造成植株生长缓慢和产量减少 (Scirtothrips dorsalis can survive and reproduce in plant tissues, causing slow plant growth and reduced yields).

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