Chilo partellus是什么意思 Chilo partellus的读音、翻译、用法

Chilo partellus是什么意思 Chilo partellus的读音、翻译、用法

'Chilo partellus'是印度的词语,中文翻译为稻纵卷叶螟。它是稻田中的一种昆虫,会危害稻谷的生长。在印度,稻纵卷叶螟是一种极其恶性的害虫,会给稻田带来巨大的损失。

以下是9个含有'Chilo partellus'的例句:

1. Chilo partellus对印度的稻田造成了严重的危害。

Translation: Chilo partellus has caused serious damage to rice fields in India.

2. 许多印度的农民一直在尝试寻找一种有效的方法来控制Chilo partellus的数量。

Translation: Many Indian farmers have been trying to find an effective way to control the population of Chilo partellus.

3. Chilo partellus的数量可以通过定期施用杀虫剂来控制。

Translation: The population of Chilo partellus can be controlled by regularly applying insecticides.

4. 如果不控制Chilo partellus的数量,它们会在整个稻田中大量繁殖。

Translation: If the population of Chilo partellus is not controlled, they will breed heavily throughout the entire rice field.

5. Chilo partellus的威胁已引起印度的关注。

Translation: The threat of Chilo partellus has attracted the attention of the Indian government.

6. 据估计,Chilo partellus每年给印度的稻田造成的损失高达数十亿卢比。

Translation: It is estimated that Chilo partellus causes losses of billions of rupees to rice fields in India every year.

7. Chilo partellus最初是从非洲引入印度的。

Translation: Chilo partellus was originally introduced to India from Africa.

8. 科学家们发现,一些天然植物提取物可以有效地防止Chilo partellus的繁殖。

Translation: Scientists have found that some natural plant extracts can effectively prevent the breeding of Chilo partellus.

9. Chilo partellus的数量在雨季期间会急剧增加。

Translation: The population of Chilo partellus increases sharply during the rainy season.

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