special是什么意思 special的读音、翻译、用法

special是什么意思 special的读音、翻译、用法



1. This restaurant offers a special menu for vegetarians.(这家餐厅提供专门的素食菜单。)

2. She received a special award for her contributions to charity.(她因为她在慈善事业中的贡献而获得了特别的奖项。)

3. He has a special talent for playing the piano.(他有弹钢琴的特别天赋。)

4. The school has special programs for gifted students.(学校为天才学生提供特殊的课程。)

5. The company is introducing a special promotion for its new product.(公司正在推出针对新产品的特别促销。)

6. The hotel offers special rates for long-term stays.(酒店为长期居住提供特别的价格。)

7. My grandpa has a special recipe for apple pie.(我爷爷有一个制作苹果馅饼的特别配方。)

8. The museum has a special exhibit on ancient Egyptian artifacts.(博物馆有一个关于古埃及文物的特别展览。)

9. This is a special moment for us, let's make the most of it.(这是我们的一个特别时刻,让我们好好珍惜吧。)

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