Lipaphis是什么意思 Lipaphis的读音、翻译、用法

Lipaphis是什么意思 Lipaphis的读音、翻译、用法



1. Lipaphis erysimi is a significant pest of canola crops.(Lipaphis erysimi是油菜作物的重要害虫。)

2. Lipaphis pseudobricae is mainly found on Bricaceae plants.(Lipaphis pseudobricae主要分布在十字花科植物上。)

3. The control of Lipaphis fabae on broad beans can be challenging.(控制蚜虫Lipaphis fabae对豆类作物是一项具有挑战性的任务。)

4. Lipaphis rosae is a common pest of rose plants.(Lipaphis rosae是玫瑰植物的常见害虫。)

5. The infestation of Lipaphis chaitophorus on peach trees can cause reduced fruit quality.(蚜虫Lipaphis chaitophorus侵害桃树会导致水果品质下降。)

6. The damage caused by Lipaphis pseudobricae can result in reduced yield of cabbage crops.(Lipaphis pseudobricae的损害会导致卷心菜作物产量减少。)

7. Lipaphis erysimi can be effectively controlled using integrated pest management strategies.(通过综合的害虫管理策略,可以有效地控制Lipaphis erysimi。)

8. Lipaphis pseudobricae is capable of transmitting plant viruses.(Lipaphis pseudobricae能够传播植物病毒。)

9. The biological control of Lipaphis fabae using natural enemies has been successful in some regions.(利用天敌进行生物控制Lipaphis fabae在一些地区取得了成功。)

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